Surface plasmon resonance data analysis

SPRTool is a software environment to analyze surface plasmon resonance analysis data such as that originating from a BIAcore or similar instruments. Its main features are that large data sets can be analyzed in an automated fashion. Users can also incorporate their own code in a relatively straightforward fashion. Since the software is written as a toolbox in the MATLAB programming language (www.mathworks.com) the user can take advantage of the mainly algorithmic capabilities of MATLAB in order to analyze SPR data.

Currently SPRTool has the capability to perform standard analyses such as the determination of equilibrium and kinetic constants. Also included are the capability to compensate for the decrease in the sensitivity of the chip for equilibrium analysis (R. J. Ober, E.S. Ward, Compensation for loss of ligand activity in surface plasmon resonance experiments. Analytical Biochemistry, 306:228-236, 2003) and a method to determine kinetic constants using a non-iterative algorithm (R.J. Ober, J. Caves, E.S. Ward, Analysis of exponential data using a non-iterative technique: application to surface plasmon resonance analysis, Analytical Biochemistry, 312:57-65, 2003).

Currently available version

V0.9, 3 October 2003

Software and Computer Requirements

  • PC Pentium III or IV processor (Suggested. Since MATLAB runs on a large number of platforms also SPRTool should work on those. However, we have not tested SPRTool on any platform other than Windows 2000)
  • 128 MB Ram (Suggested)
  • MATLAB Version 6.5 R13
  • Optimization Toolbox Version 2.2 for MATLAB (for some of the more advanced capabilities)
  • Excel Link (Optional) (give you the ability to import excel workbooks into the program


It is highly suggested that you print a copy of the User Manual to aid you in learning the software.

Download SPRTool User’s Manual pdf-icon

Download SPRTool Reference Manualpdf-icon

How to obtain the software

If you are interested in access to one of our software, please contact us at info@wardoberlab.com

SPRTool requires that MATLAB is installed or available. If you do not own MATLAB you can request a 30 day free trial version. Be sure to also request the Optimization Toolbox along with the base MATLAB installation software. Just go the Mathworks web site at www.mathworks.com. For students a significantly less expensive student edition is available at



None available as yet.

Known Bugs

None reported as yet.

Bug Reporting

None available as yet. We are constantly trying to improve the code and would be very grateful if you could send us a report on any bugs you find. Please send all bug reports to software@wardoberlab.com. When we have a solution or fix to the problem we will release an updated version of the program. Please look in the “Known Bugs” section for the ones we already know of. If there is a simple fix it will be added to the “Known Bugs” section of this web page.

SPRTool Development Team

Current Members

Past Members

  • Xuming Lai
  • Palmer Long
  • Jeffrey Caves


The development work for SPRTool was supported in part by the National Institutes of Health (R01 GM58538).

Contact Address

Raimund J. Ober, Ph.D.

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-1114, USA

E. Sally Ward, Ph.D.

Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine
Texas A&M Health Science Center
Joe H. Reynolds Medical Sciences Building
College Station, TX 77843-1114, USA